Thomas Partey

In October 2021, there were reports that Arsenal footballer Thomas Partey had been accused of rape by a woman in Ghana.

Partey has denied the allegations, and his representatives have released a statement stating that he “vehemently denies any wrongdoing and will vigorously defend himself against these allegations.”

The Ghana Police Service has also confirmed that they are investigating the allegations, and the Ghana born footballer has reportedly cooperated with their investigation.

However, it is important to note that at this time, no charges have been filed against Partey, and the investigation is ongoing.

Also, it is important to remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and it is not appropriate to make assumptions or pass judgment on either the accuser or the accused until all the facts have been thoroughly investigated and evaluated by the relevant authorities.

There is no doubt that every of these accusations would have had negative effect on Partey’s mental health & probably led to some caused some issues between him & his wife, Gifty Boakye.

Thomas Partey rape allegation & the lady involved


Partey Rape


Partey’s ex-girlfriend who has accused him of raping her during their trip to Ibiza, an island located in Spain. The lady lady posted on her Twitter page saying:


 “Thomas partey is an ADMITTED rapist. No woman can accuse you of raping her and your response is this???? He raped me, left me in bed unconscious then went out to party in Ibiza, came back, laughed in my face and told me I don’t get to say no to him. Not once said I was lying.”


According to her words, she made it clear that she and Partey were dating before the incident happened. She was on the verge of breaking up with him before you persuaded her to go on holiday with him.


‘We were dating, he asked me to travel with him for his birthday after I tried to end things with him a few weeks prior. He convinced me that he had booked the trip for us and that he was going to change. I fell for it.’ she added.

Thomas Partey Rape Allegation



She added that she had to move out of her parent’s house because they support Arsenal football club and she couldn’t stand her stepfather watch Arsenal’s games and cheering Partey.


My family are Arsenal supporters, I had to move out of the home I lived in my entire life because I couldn’t bear to hear my stepdad cheering for him in matches… or being afraid to leave my room incase I hear his name mentioned on a podcast.”

“I have nothing to love for now, nothing to fight for. The entire time I was being “brave” was for absolutely fucking nothing…

“I suffer from severe PTSD and have been on sedatives for the last year to deal with the night terrors, panic attacks and flashbacks I face daily,” she wrote.


Was Thomas Partey arrested & bailed?

Yes, Thomas Partey was arrested & got bailed in the end. A report from Sky Sport claimed that the UK Metropolitan Police arrested the Arsenal Midfielder.

The report has it that he was detained by the police on the 4th of July, 2022, at an address in Barnet. North London.

The Ghanaian later got released and rearrested again when two women came up with fresh rape allegations. However, the Ghana born footballer was released on bail while investigations continued in the background.

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